What To Wear to a Destination Wedding

Many destination weddings happen in warm climates which conjures up wonderful images of blue water, white sand and the sound of waves as they land on shore. However, they can also cause some stress when it comes to deciding what to wear to the beach wedding.

You can gauge the formality of the wedding by looking at the invitation. Attire tips are usually included somewhere on the invite.

I’ll provide you with some guidelines to follow that will allow you to be confident that you will not only look great but also be comfortable.

The first thing to consider is fabric. Light fabrics that don’t cling to the body are best. Some of the best materials to wear are:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Organza

These fabrics are not only lightweight, but they can still look luxurious. If the wedding is in the evening, then make sure to bring a lightweight wrap or shrug in case some cool air moves in.

Next up is to consider colour. Any colour will look great with a beach backdrop, but it’s best to be a bit practical here. While black attire will always look chic, you need to keep in mind that it absorbs the heat from both your body and the sun, so it’s probably best to avoid this colour.

There are always so many beautiful bright colours to choose from that would be perfect for the beach. Consider fuchsia, tangerine, lime green or sunflower. It may also be the perfect opportunity to wear a bold print that may not be suitable elsewhere. What I love about prints is that they tend to do a better job at hiding sweat marks than a solid material will. If you are a sweater, like me, this is important.

As most beach weddings only require casual wear, you will never go wrong with a maxi dress. These dresses tend to be loose fitting, which will really help with your comfort level. They also transition really well from the beachside ceremony to the reception.

Lastly, let’s discuss footwear. Unless you know for sure that there is going to be flooring to pave your pathway down to the beach, I suggest skipping the heels and opting for sensible sandals. If there is going to be a dance floor later on in the evening, then change into some heels at that time (if you feel the need).

Keep these guidelines in mind and take the stress out of choosing your beach wedding attire.


Happy travels.

Nancy Wiskel
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