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Mansted Clothing Canada: Conscious Knitwear from Denmark

Founded by Charlotte Mansted in 2002, Mansted clothing hails from Denmark, where knitwear and layering are essential to surviving its northern climate. Mansted releases two collections annually, one for autumn/winter and the other for spring/summer. Their approach to fashion is quintessentially Scandinavian, prioritizing longevity, quality, unique shapes, and comfort.

Mansted’s knitwear is crafted using the finest natural materials, including yak, wool, cotton, linen, and hemp. Each of their yarns is responsibly sourced and dyed to ensure the highest purity of materials to achieve a quality garment that feels as soft as skin. Not only that but each garment is knitted by hand and made to last!

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Mansted Clothing: Knitwear for All Seasons

The vision behind Mansted was to create a line of knitwear that transcends both seasons and trends. In true Scandinavian fashion, Mansted clothing is designed to be worn until it is completely worn out. With only two collections released annually, each knit is designed to be worn again and again.

Mansted’s spring/summer collection is typically composed of lightweight fabrics, such as thin cardigans, sweaters, shirts, skirts, and dresses. In their fall/winter collection, you’ll find warm cardigans, sweaters, and scarves made from warm yak and wool yarns. Although you’ll find more medium to heavy-weight knitwear in their fall/winter collections, Mansted is most well known for their exceptional lightweight knitwear. Scandinavian fashion is overwhelmingly characterized by layering, meaning the same lightweight knitwear can see you through all seasons when layered intentionally.

Unlike other Scandinavian brands that tend to prioritize neutral colours, Mansted clothing is known for its use of vibrant coloured yarns. From unique colour combinations to unusually chic patterns, Mansted brings a breath of originality back to knitwear.

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